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The Single Most Important Tip When You Apply For A Position

The Single Most Important Tip When You Apply For A Position

Want to know what is the first thing that puts off a recruiter when you apply for a job?

Site Assistant
Site Assistant

by Alin Sneha Abraham

If there is only one thing you do right in sending in your application or uploading it on to a company job site, may this be it. Do Not name your resume as 'resume.doc' or CV.doc or the highly informative 'Updated CV.doc'.

Give the document a name, your name. Jon Snow CV, Jon Snow Resume, even just plain Jon Snow. Anything, just anything so that this file after it downloads, magically & intelligently tells the soul on the other side of the computer that it belongs to you Jon Snow! Most Operating systems pick up the same name, as it is and save it in the computer hard disk. And from that point on, if I need your resume for whatever reason, I just have to look and I find it!

I recently started to do recruitment in my role, this is the only the third position I am handling. I am learning a lot from the experience but what I cant get over is the fact that my first impression of the CV of a person is formed right after renaming it from 'resume.doc' to the person's name.

I get the honor of re-naming many of the CVs that the applicants send in to the recruitment system after I download the file, double clicking on it, waiting for it to open, copying the name from inside the file, closing it and pasting what i copied on to the file name or by choosing the rename option. This joy, I think... I can live without :)