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Total Rewards & Analytics

Articles on collecting and analysing Human Resource (HR) data in order to produce actionable insights and recommendations that improve an organisation's workforce performance. The process is also known as workforce analytics, people analytics or talent analytics.

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Data Analytics in HR: Stop making things complicated for yourself!

How Data Analytics can blind and hinder instead of help in HR?

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Where's the Human Element in People Analytics?\

What can HR professionals do to find that balance between making analytic-driven decisions without dehumanising people into numbers?

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Where's the Human Element in People Analytics?

What makes an analytic-driven HR intervention more accepted by all stakeholders?

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Using HR Analytics To Improve Efficiency Of Rewards & Benefits Function

What methods can we use to ensure effective rewards & benefits function?

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“Benefits” are not PRIVILEGES

What is the difference between BENEFITS and PRIVILEGES?

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Analytics is like cooking

How can organisations benefit from using analytics to augment decision making?

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The HR Analytics Conundrum

Why HR Analytics should not be complicated?

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The Use of Big Data in HR - Where Are You Today?

Not sure about the relevance and value of using Big Data in HR for your business?

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HR Analytics - How It Matters In Google

How can raw information turn into valuable intelligence to identify trends, generate insights and spur HR actions?