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Talent Acquisition

Articles on identifying, assessing and hiring talents that are of the right fit for the position, team and organisation.

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Creating The Candidate Experience to Win The Talent War

What positive candidate experience really mean and how you can achieve this engagement level?

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Dear Recruiter - Whats in it for me?

How to spot a good recruiter & what should recruiters do to improving client engagement?

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Delivering Business Value Through HR

How can HR contribute in delivering business value and success?

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How Is HRTech Involved In Getting Singaporeans Their Future Jobs?

How can technology improve outdated HR methods? How can it make the process effective and efficient?

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3 Chrome Plugins To Accelerate Your Talent Sourcing

What Chrome plugins can help to improve your talent sourcing?

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Developing Employer Branding through Recruitment

How can Recruitment or Talent Acquisition support Employee Branding?

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The Winning Recruitment Partners Who Fought Alongside With Me All These Years...

What does "recruitment partner" mean? How can they make a better organisation?

Foo Chek Wee

Perspective on Psychometric Testing

What are your thoughts on the usefulness of psychometric testing at the workplace?

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How SMEs can win the art of talent war with Sun Tzu’s principles

What methods can SMEs do in war of talents?

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Linking Talent Acquisition (TA) to Retention and Engagement

How is Talent Acquisition vital to Retention and Engagement?

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The Winning Ways of Working with Recruitment Agencies

What are some winning ways to work with recruitment agencies?

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How to ACE your Talent Pipeline

What are some practical steps in guiding practitioners in creating and sustaining good talent pipeline?