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Performance Management

Articles on conducting effective communication between supervisors and employees that occurs throughout the year, in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Site Assistant

Shining the LAMP on poor performance

What are the approaches in managing staff's performance issues effectively?

Site Assistant

Strategic Planning-Start by not doing

How to do corporate strategic planning using Stop, Start, Continue & Change (SSCC) technique?

Site Assistant

Redefining Goal Setting To Engage the Multi-Generational Workforce

How to help employees focus on the right goals, to enable engagement and learning?

Foo Chek Wee

Video Overview on Performance Management approaches

Why is it important to know the different types of Performance Management? And how to implement a suitable approach within the organisation?

Site Assistant

Changing Landscape of Performance Management

How can the transition be managed effectively? What could be some of the critical success factors in the transition?

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Feedback is Information About The Past, Given in The Present to Influence The Future

How to give and receive feedback? How can they impact the future?

Site Assistant

Performance Management is dead - long live Performance Management !

Why should PM be any different?

Site Assistant

The Curve Debate – A Matter of Context and Application

How does the organisation intends for its performance management process to operate?

Foo Chek Wee

Performance Preview instead of Performance Review

Should it be a review of performance or preview of performance?