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Social events organised by Thrive In Asia members

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HR Tech Sharing at SingTel ComCentre

Three HR Tech companies - EngageRocket, Unibly - Mentoring Technology and, shared their technology with HR professionals in Singapore.

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Learning Event: Computer Forensic for HR

A pro-bono informal training session for HR professionals on Computer Forensic.

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Thrive In Asia Dine & Learn at Marché Mövenpick

A casual gathering for HR professionals in Singapore.

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Bonding and networking over Mastermind Study Group

Thrive In Asia members learn and thrive together.

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Informal TiA gathering in Singapore

We organised an informal gathering for fellow members to connect and chat the night away.

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Thrive In Asia Brunch at Marche

On 26th November 2016, we organised an informal brunch at Marche 313 Somerset.

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Thrive In Asia Gathering in Kuala Lumpur

Discussion about boosting employee engagement through simple technology and analytics.

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Gathering at CulinaryOn, a collaboration with HRM Asia

Over 100 HR professionals to attend the inaugural “HR Think Tank: The State of HR in Singapore”, held at CulinaryOn.

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Inaugural TiA Gathering in Singapore @ LinkedIn APAC Office

LinkedIn APAC office had offered to host our first-ever ThriveInAsia community in an afternoon event where we exchanged HR thoughts and network over good food.