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Publish on TiA website

Publish on TiA website

We're glad you've decided to publish your HR thought leadership here. By showcasing HR practice and thought leadership by HR professionals in Southeast Asia, we hope to showcase the capabilities of our HR professionals to the world.

To ensure that only current corporate HR professionals can publish on TiA website, we would perform validation via LinkedIn.  Hence, if you not done so, please sign up as our TiA LinkedIn group member, and fill the form below to indicate your interest to publish articles. Successful applicants will receive a simple set of instruction to proceed further.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q1. I am a service provider, with prior in-house HR experience. Can I advertise my service offerings here?

The aim of TiA website is to showcase the practice and thought leadership of corporate HR professionals from Southeast Asia. Hence, spammers and service provider's service advertisement are not allowed on However, if you are a current corporate HR professional, you are more than welcome to put forth your practical how-tos articles where readers, who are mainly HR practitioners, would find useful.

Q2. What topics can I write about?

All topics pertaining to Human Resources that can be practised in Asia are strongly encouraged. The question really is: What is considered as HR topics? We have broadly classified HR domains in ten categories: Employer Branding, Recruiting, Talent Management, Performance Management, Learning & Development, Employee Engagement & Culture, Total Rewards & Analytics, HR Governance & Operations, HR Career, and HR General Topics (which can cover anything HR that doesn't fit into the above-mentioned). When we have sufficient articles to warrant a separate category, we will create and organise accordingly.

Q3. Will I be liable for company misrepresentation when I contribute HR articles to TiA website?

TiA website is meant for fellow corporate HR practitioners to share useful HR practices. To be appropriate and not be liable for company misrepresentation, content contributors are advised to share HR practices without implicating their organisation negatively. For example, content contributors can choose to showcase their companies' good HR practices , and that is fine as long as content contributors are comfortable with it. All content provided on TiA website is for informational purposes only. The owner and administrators of TiA website make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this website.