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Six Signs You Are With a World-Class Organization

Six Signs You Are With a World-Class Organization

What are the indications that you are already with a World-Class Organization?

Site Assistant
Site Assistant

by Christina Ambarwati

A World-Class organization is often perceived in this way: “Having the recognition of an organization as a benchmark by its industry sector and, for some aspects, by other industry sectors as well.” It means, the organization is not only very good, but also knows what it is doing, and how to position itself.

We may be coming up with many other ideal thoughts and have some ideas on how it would be like to actually be working at a world-class organization.

The points listed below may be some of the indications to confirm you are already with a company in that category:

1.   Self-service system and improved processes

World-class companies are agile enough to adjust their processes to accommodate changes in the business development. You would feel that everything should be done through the system that allows real-time monitoring with less manual process to minimize bureaucracy and human error.

2.   Customer satisfaction based on the high quality of service and products

You see that there are increasing numbers of happy customers and there are some significant efforts being done where the management and employees are involved in making sure that the Company meets what the Customers want and need. The company would take this seriously while holding on to the old saying, “One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $ 10,000 worth of advertising”.

3.   Get better all the time by providing room for improvements

You know that you have the opportunities to grow your career within the Company, or at least you have a chance to maximize your potentials in many ways while keeping on learning something new along the way. The Company would allow you to learn not only from successes, but also from failures. After all, room for improvements is the largest room in the world...

4.   Appreciate employees

A highly motivated employee that is properly compensated tends to provide the best service to the customers. Compensation is not strictly the size of a paycheck; it is also how you are treated on the job. Training, adequate resources, career advancement opportunities, and recognition for a job well done are important aspects of being appreciated as employees.

5.   Avoid Unnecessary Complexity

In today’s global, increasingly digital organizations, complexity is a growing drag on productivity and workplace satisfaction.  For example, the organizational structure had taken on a life of its own and that is where streamlining the organizational structure would be essential. Another example is dealing with the heavy traffic every day where the thought of being able to Work from Home would be seen as an oasis. After all, it is the work that we have to manage, not the time and place. There are a number of initiatives being done to make you feel that the Company understands you, trusts you, and invests in you to deliver with what would work best for you.

6.   The People Factor.

Great people make an organization world class. Talented people bring ideas, spontaneity, innovation, spark, and inspiration to your organization. Talent is invaluable; it is the heart and soul of a great company.

Based on all of those points mentioned above, I would like to take the time to contemplate for a while on where I might be right now. What I see here at Manulife has been so amazing. The Company is taking the Employee Engagement Programs seriously at all levels. They listen to the employee’s aspirations. Taking notes and making things happen. Employees become fully engaged and motivated. We see that all of those five points are being implemented every day and there is this pride that we share among the colleagues to be part of this organization.
To me, being with a world-class company simply means having the many opportunities to grow and maximize our potentials, while keeping the work-life balance in a Company that stands out among the crowd. There is nothing better than working at a world-class company that cares for the employees as well as the customers. You wake up every day looking forward to getting back to work on the mission with people you enjoy being around.

Think about that for a second. What does it mean to you?