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Learning Event: Computer Forensic for HR

Learning Event: Computer Forensic for HR

A pro-bono informal training session for HR professionals on Computer Forensic.

Site Assistant
Site Assistant

On 11 July 2017, we facilitated for an computer forensics and analytics expert to provide a pro-bono informal training session on how HR professionals can keep up to date with HR related misconducts in this world where new technologies are uprising every other day. A total of 11 TiA Community Members attended the event.

Topics covered included:

  • Employee misconduct (information leakage and IP theft, restraints of trade, bullying, harassment, collusion) investigations.
  • Collection, consolidation, and identification of key digital evidence sources, including server data, accounting systems, and cloud storage in employee fraud related investigations.
  • Using computer forensics and analytics in identifying and predicting employee performance.