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How to publish content on Thrive in Asia website?

First of all, I would like to thank you for being willing to come forth to publish your HR thought leadership on Thrive in Asia (i.e. TiA) website. By showcasing HR practice and thought leadership by HR professionals in Southeast Asia, we hope that you will showcase what we are capable of as HR professionals, to the world.

With your career experience, I am sure that you will.

Following are guides to familiarise you to our publishing platform. Navigation with our platform is simple and straightforward. Having said this, please feel free to email me should you need further assistance  

Let us advance our HR profession, together.

Sincerely, Foo Chek Wee

Table of content

Activate and edit your TiA website account

Publish and edit your content

Tips on writing well on TiA

Please note that only corporate HR professionals can publish content on Thrive in Asia (i.e. TiA) website. There is a two steps process to publishing content on TiA.

Firstly, you would need to sign up to be a member of TiA LinkedIn Group. TiA LinkedIn Group administrator will validate your professional career via your LinkedIn profile and grant membership accordingly.

The second step is to indicate your interest to contribute content to TiA website via a simple online form.

Following detailed step-by-step:

Sign up with TiA LinkedIn Group

Go to TiA LinkedIn Group and click on "Request to join"

Alternatively, you may sign up on our website by provide your information

  1. Go to website.

2. Click on “Submit Articles” on the upper right corner of your screen

3. You will be routed on the Publish on Tia website page, scroll down below the second article and you will find our sign up questionnaire.

4. On this screen you will find the question “So, you’re interested in contributing articles to Thrive In Asia?”, then click the “Yes” button below.

5. Type in your email address, and click “OK”.

6. Type or paste your LinkedIn profile URL on the space provided, then click “OK”.

7. Thoroughly read and understand our Terms of Service agreement and once done, click “Continue”.

8. On the last page, click “Submit” to complete the process.

Once you have completed the process, we will validate the information provided on your LinkedIn profile. We will be sending a set of instructions to successful applicants to further proceed in creating their profile and they will be added to the TiA LinkedIn group.

For successful applicants:

  1. To activate your profile, a link will be sent to you via email. Kindly click the “Click here to activate your account”

2. You can start creating your account by filling up the form with your Full name, Email address and password. Then click “Create Account” to continue.

3. You will be routed to your account where you can write, edit and publish your article.

4. To edit your profile, click the arrow down button on the left panel of your screen and choose “Your Profile”.

5. You write your information on the space provided to complete your profile. You can also change your password below and click “Change Password” to confirm.

6. Scroll up and don’t forget to click “Save”

After completing your profile, you may now start writing your articles.