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Go "beyond your comfort zone" to break your patterns

Go "beyond your comfort zone" to break your patterns

How can we better improve ourselves? How can we get out of our comfort zone?

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Site Assistant

by Ravi Bhogaraju

We are as good as we believe we are !

So if its all in our mind (the keeper of our belief set) - we should pay more attention to what we put that 1.5 kgs of our precious resource through

Pay more attention to what you put your brain through

Our belief sets are a function of our experiences

If we want to change the way we think we need to change our patterns. Change to our pattern would warrant that we gain new perspectives / experiences.

This process is commonly referred to as Nueroplasticity - the ability of our brains to rewire. Nor­man Doidge writes exten­sively about plas­tic­ity in The Brain That Changes Itself: Sto­ries of Per­sonal Tri­umph from the Fron­tiers of Brain Sci­ence, and notes that “brain plas­tic­ity occurs in response to the envi­ron­ment, the task at hand, and our thoughts and imag­in­ings".

Change your experiences - change how you think

Don't have time for new experiences !

Changing experience is more easier than you imagine - it starts with little steps that go a long way. How about - anytime anywhere ?

I am a digital junkie - so i wanted to test this from the comfort of my home and with my tablet - and voila i found a great digital game to rewire the sense of perspective - its called MONUMENT. What i loved about this game is the simplicity of the interface and way that it forces your out of box thinking using 3D architecture. Try it and drop me a comment how you felt. Try the website Luminosity- this is a great resource to tap into

I had a similar experience when i took to Rollerblading a few years ago - the stress caused by those initial falls and not being in control, needing to adapt threw me completely out of my comfort zone - events like this forces the brain to rewire and develops new wiring.

Reading is another easy way to change perspective - but I hate to read - if you are like me try listening instead - try audible or a different music genre - i love my audible and recently I went back to classical music after many years. It was such an enriching listen - i had almost forgotten how soul stirring it can be !

Its easy to change experiences - take the first small step

Secret sauce : Strengthen Adaptive Capacity

Warren Bennis and Robert J Thomas in their article - Crucibles of leadership rightly point out that the key skill to develop is “adaptive capacity.” "This is, in essence, applied creativity—an almost magical ability to transcend adversity, with all its attendant stresses, and to emerge stronger than before."

We all have the possibility to create for ourselves "positive mini crucibles" that allow us to go outside our comfort zones and truly challenge ourselves to learn rewire and think differently. Only by experiences out of your comfort zone can we truly rewire to believe and think differently !

If you find this post interesting please like and /or share - i am glad you took the time to read all the way till the end.