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Get Quality Talent Leads - KISS

Get Quality Talent Leads - KISS

What is the importance on leveraging LinkedIn to recruitment done right and fast?

Foo Chek Wee
Foo Chek Wee

Job posting via a company career job portal is OLD SCHOOL. You hope hard for shiploads of talented people to apply. Quit hoping. Read on to find out my KEEP-IT-SUPER-SIMPLE approach in generating quality talent leads!

One of the things the majority of us find most challenging about recruitment is to have a sizeable number of quality talent leads. In my previous article, I talked about how recruiters had to sieve through endless streams of resumes in order to get a sizeable number of potential candidates. That particular recruitment problem can only exist if we have a shipload of candidates who applied for the role. What if only a few applied for that position you are so dying to fill? Or worse, few are aware that such a job vacancy even exists!

We may have faced such a situation before. Our business leaders whom we support may have available positions that are truly desirable. However, the skill sets and experience required for such positions may be super hard to find. Perhaps the only way we can find such a candidate is to widen our search, seek out talent outside the industry, outside the country, across the world. To do that, we have to think of a way that we can get the word out, and fast!

Here is the KISS Solution in one sentence: Get as many HR folks to spread the good word around through LinkedIn.

In this day and age, it is common to rely on LinkedIn to source for talent. It is, however, uncommon for all HR professionals within the company to chip in by sharing available roles with their LinkedIn connections by simply clicking the share button. What is stopping us from doing that? Nothing! What would this sharing mean for getting the word out? Everything!

Let's work the math here. In a survey by IPMA HR, the  average number of employees per HR professional is 76-100. If we were to assume the bulk of us here are in companies with an average employee population of 500 employees, we would have at least 6 HR professionals who are available to share the good news with their LinkedIn connections. As we know it, professionals with LinkedIn accounts are plentiful. In fact, as of January 2013, LinkedIn boasted over 200 million LinkedIn users.  No wonder, all the professionals that I had come across have a LinkedIn account.

Now imagine that ALL employees start sharing the job vacancy with their LinkedIn connections and get rewarded for bringing the talent through the door. Isn't that as powerful and simple as it can get?