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Four Emerging HR Tech Startups in Asia

Four Emerging HR Tech Startups in Asia

What are the four emerging HR Tech in Asia? What are their distinct approach in the HR Process?

Site Assistant
Site Assistant

by Adrian Tan

Technology has been the driving force behind disruptive innovation in so many areas of industry.

New terms have been coined to describe such innovations, such as MedTech,  EduTech, FinTech and AdTech, and the list continues to grow.

One “newcomer” is HRTech or human resources technology.

Almost all businesses require human capital to operate (except perhaps Elon Musk’s Gigafactory), so it would be naïve to believe that our legacy human resources processes can survive without any form of upgrade.

Asian HRTech startups are starting to make significant headway in improving outdated HR methods.

Here are four HRTech startups that will likely be disrupting an HR department near you, very soon.


If you think about it, conducting a job interview is a pretty expensive exercise. You have so many productive individuals cramped into a room, not to do what they are hired to do but to get to screen someone who might not take up the offer, if it even lead to one.

Astronaut wants to change that by giving employers the power to conduct video interview with applicants as long as they have a smartphone.

Applicants simply need to download an app on their phone, key in a unique interview code and record a selfie video by answering the questions laid down by the employers

Never again will you need to dedicate your valuable time to meeting a candidate that has a convincing CV but after meeting for 2 seconds you know they're not the right fit.


We all have been there... starting with a new company and getting ready for the first day at the office, excited and full of energy. Unfortunately, in real life most first days are chaotic, non-productive and non-effective.

Employees should come first and deserve the best onboarding possible. No more dull headquarter onboarding days, dusty classrooms, traditional e-learning, a pile of paperwork and a cranky manager who has no time.

Applical provides the app that allow your new hires get to know your company even before their first day. You are finally able to provide amazing content and guide your new hires to a successful start in their careers.

An immersive onboarding app that runs on your phone, knows your location, provides continuous onboarding through amazing content, recommends people to network with each other long before day one, and even shares where to get the best coffee. Your new hires are more engaged and productive faster.


ROI in training is just impossible to measure. Ask anyone who been through a week-long traditional classroom training and chances are he or she could barely remember 10% of what was taught.

Play2Lead aims to solve this problem with a web-based gamified & social platform that helps companies deliver excellent service by making training fun, memorable and measurable.

They start by allowing companies to ask questions in the form of polls and quizzes that earn their audience members points as they have fun answering these questions, as well as instant rewards, without any downloads.

Companies can now in a single platform engage audiences before, during and after live events. The more audience members engage, the more points they earn as they have fun climbing up the leaderboard.

Lead generation is accelerated because unlike most polling apps, audience members are motivated to answer non-anonymously.


Recruitment is by far the most time-consuming activity for any HR department. Not only that, you can’t even guarantee any form of return. This is especially painful when you are doing volume hiring for blue collar positions.

SMS24/7 believes that the most effective and fastest way to conduct recruitment is to leverage on an ubiquitous medium - short message service. Not only is it available any time of the day, there is a chatbot on the other side that will respond to the applicant in natural language with certain questions to further qualify.

This means HR only get to spend time on qualified applicants and make use of their precious time more effectively.