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Corporate Social Responsibility - What Are Companies Doing Today for Tomorrow?

Corporate Social Responsibility - What Are Companies Doing Today for Tomorrow?

What companies can do to drive a huge and positive impact?

Site Assistant
Site Assistant

by Lim Zhi Rong

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved and changed significantly over the years.

CSR isn't just about organizing a gathering of colleagues to visit a needy organization for a day. Don't get me wrong - this is still a good valiant effort to do something for the community, but CSR has come a long and companies today are taking strong firm actions to leverage their scale for the 'betterhood' of the communities where they operate in.

In Mondelez International, the world's largest snacking company, we play a critical role in enabling consumers to snack mindfully. I'll be honest - when you put a Cadbury Chocolate bar beside a piece of Banana, some may say "Stop eating that chocolate! It's higher in fat!".

Our approach to snacking is to create delicious moments of joy and the key is balance eating. It is about eating mindfully and consciously. To enable this, Mondelez has created fun-size eating packs that are smaller in size for consumption, reducing sodium in our products and increasing whole grains in them. You'll find from our international mindful snacking site that Mondelez International would have place calorie labelling front of pack on all relevant products globally by the end of 2016.

As a global snacking company, we understand we have a role to play to empower consumers to eat mindfully, portion control more carefully with clearer information.

In Unilever, they seek to make Sustainable Living Plan commonplace. Project Sunlight is an successful and inspirational example of how a huge corporation drives purposeful CSR that impacts millions of lives across the world -

From initiatives that enables consumers to cultivate the good water saving habits in laundry use... launching programmes that seek to improve conditions for woman affected by poor access to water (and indirectly compound the benefits by freeing up their time for purposeful activity that includes education or farming)... the pledge of using 100% clean energy in all their operations by 2030.

In Nestle, they have made 38 commitments to support the long-term goal of Creating Shared Value. It ranges from responsible marketing to children, treating the water that their factories discharge effectively and having a supply chain network that eliminates child labour.

Corporations can leverage their scale to positively influence and contribute back to the communities and mankind. There are many other examples of companies doing CSR that drives a better society - there are plenty of success, feel good stories at BetterSociety.Net where you can find out more!

Beyond that, I invite you to bring this discussion back with your colleagues and company. We can play a part by nurturing that seed of desire, innovation or idea back with our companies and ignite that 'more powerful positive intent' in CSR.

Companies that drive purposeful CSR will be an employer of choice for talents and generate strong business growth in the long term. Together, we can make a difference at where we work as an employee, what we choose to buy as a consumer and what we believe as individuals.

This article first appeared on LinkedIn.