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2-cent Advice for Aspiring Professionals

2-cent Advice for Aspiring Professionals

What can you advice for aspiring HR professionals who want to crave a meaningful HR career?

Foo Chek Wee
Foo Chek Wee

Career uncertainty is not something only graduates fear about, but also something that seasoned professionals worry about as well. I have been a HR practitioner engaging professionals towards a meaningful career for over 10 years. I can truly testify to this. Being aware of this fear is the first baby step, here's three important areas which you, as aspiring professionals, must do in carving out an enriching career.

Be great

It takes time to gain mastery in whichever career pathway you choose. Throughout your endeavour, it is not just about the wonderful work that you will produce, but also the reputation you will either gain or lose. When you are truly committed to your craft, your good name will spread. Vice verses. When unforeseen eventualities happens, be it organisation re-organisation or an job opening surfaces, your good name comes in very handy. Personally, I had experienced such critical career junctions numerous times. Chant this like a mantra. Be really great in what you do.

Be intellectually curious

I would challenge any, at any day, who doesn't agree that intellectual curiousity is one of the most important factors in differentiating a star employee. In corporate life, job scope, teams and departments are structured to leverage on specialisation. The cons of this framework is that silos are created. The intellectually curious seeks answers to organisational problems that cut across silos. As a result, the value produced by curious intellects are immense as organisational issues get surfaced and solved, hopefully by you.

Extend your good name

LinkedIn is an useful and extensive platform which prospective employers and recruitment agencies use to hunt for talents. As you go about being the best in what you do, having the desirable intellectual curiousity in solving organisational issues, your personal brand will soar over time. Isn't it a waste if LinkedIn recommendations not be written about you? So get out there and get LinkedIn recommendations. Do give recommendations as well. I am sure your recipient will appreciate it and reciprocate. By the way, your giving of LinkedIn recommendations further extend your personal brand as well.