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Creating a High Impact Onboarding Program for New Managers

Based on a recent Forbes article, the level of employee engagement correlates closely with the perception of whether the employee can approach their managers with any types of questions. The higher the comfort level, the higher the engagement level and vice versa. In addition, the article also shared that 50% of the employees cited that their main reason for leaving was because of bad managers.

What does this mean? Managers play a critical role in both engaging and retaining your best talents! Therefore, the importance of onboarding new managers cannot be understated.

Talent Retention Lessons From the Little Guys

By 2020, the Millennials (inclusive of Gen Ys) will take up an estimated half of the global workforce. Like it or not, this is a group which is very different from their predecessors – the Gen X and Baby Boomers, who are typically known to be hardworking, independent and less tech-savvy. The next wave of talents will hit the workforce sooner than we expect so how should companies prepare themselves? What do these Millennials really want?

Persistent Myth of The Talent Mindset

An explanation on the evolution of the talent notion, and why it is critical to entrench a talent mindset. The fundamental flaw in the “talent mindset” argument is the simplistic and naive notion that the overall performance of an organisation is just the sum of what its “best” individual “talents” can achieve.  

Exit Interview - A Data Minefield

Exit Interviews - One of the most critical sources of information remains just a routine exercise in a lot of organizations. What the reasons behind the lack of focus on the data provided and obtained during an exit.  How can HR practitioners build and implement a better exit management system to identify pull and push factors and use the feed for establishing better retention strategies.