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Creating a High Impact Onboarding Program for New Managers

Based on a recent Forbes article, the level of employee engagement correlates closely with the perception of whether the employee can approach their managers with any types of questions. The higher the comfort level, the higher the engagement level and vice versa. In addition, the article also shared that 50% of the employees cited that their main reason for leaving was because of bad managers.

What does this mean? Managers play a critical role in both engaging and retaining your best talents! Therefore, the importance of onboarding new managers cannot be understated.

On-Boarding – The Employee Experience Way

It must be said that whilst on-boarding processes have generally moved to a higher standard across sectors in recent years there are still some significant flaws being experienced by new staff as organisations fail to set the right tone and create the right impression for newly recruited employees. A recent survey by just about everyone indicates as much. Onboarding is really important- we know this personally, don’t we?