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HR Evolution: Past, Present & Future

As the HR function continues to undergo rapid development and changes due to technology and globalization, it might be interesting to take a short trip to the past and discuss how the role has evolved and what implications it holds for the HR professional in the present and the future.

Workforce Management During Transformational Times

In an increasingly demanding environment where many organizations are going through transformation, capability in workforce management during such times are key to 'rerecruit' talents to continue to stay vested with organizations. This article seeks to share what HR Leaders can do to partner business leaders and drive transformation while keeping talents engaged. 

How to Be a Better HR Business Partner?

Two countries, three companies and ten years later, I sum up a personal collection of thoughts on how to be a better HR Business Partner. I hope this seeks to inspire students interested in a career in HR and fellow HR friends & colleagues considering a change into the HRBP specialization.