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Saying bye bye to your job once it gets stagnant?

You are excited about the prospect of a new job. You drive yourself day in and day out to be the best you can to climb up the career ladder. Then reality strikes. 
You get stuck in the daily grind and feel that you have no way to move forward because of the situation at work. What’s next?

6 Key Elements for Effective Facilitation

As a HR professional, you will often be put in situations where you are required to facilitate conversations. Whether such conversations come in a small group (e. g. focus groups), or in a larger setting (e.g. corporate retreat), there are some key elements to take note of to help bring about a more meaningful session.

5 Key Skills Needed in the Digital Economy

Fast forward to 2020, we can see that the key trends will include a rapidly aging population, the rise of smart machines and systems, new media, social tools, global connectivity as well as increased use of sensors and processing for analytics. Here's five key skills that are needed for us to stay ahead in this digital economy.