Speed Up Recruitment by Crowdsourcing

Hiring speed depends on several factors: head count approval, job evaluation (for new roles), talent pool availability, interview process, offer negotiation, and ultimately on-boarding process.

The commonality in the above-cited factors is largely process-driven. However, no matter how optimized these processes can be, the highest leverage in increasing recruitment speed lies in truly understanding the specific needs of the hiring manager and fulfilling these needs by getting to the right leads.

Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining ideas or content by soliciting inputs from a group of people. To speed up recruitment, why can’t we apply this concept to recruitment? Here’s how:

  1. When a role surfaces, invite all relevant stakeholders to a meeting (include compensation and benefits if it's a new role). Stakeholders include recruiters who are not assigned to this role.
  2. During the meeting, the HR Business Partner or the lead recruiter, assigned to this role, opens the meeting by giving the context and description of the role base on his or her understanding. The hiring manager and even his/her boss are invited to clarify further.
  3. The lead recruiter will go into LinkedIn and enter agreed search keywords and project the results for all to see. This initial search allows all parties to review possible candidates. The lead recruiter will then allocate other peer recruiters to do deeper checks on the selected candidates.
  4. Each recruiters take turns to summarise candidate profiles and present their findings. All parties are invited to comment.
  5. The lead recruiter finally collates the agreed discussion pointers and takes it away for further exploration.

Several advantages can arise from this 1-1.5hr-session

  • Deeper understanding of the role by all relevant parties
  • Helps to manage hiring managers’ expectations
  • Leveraging of group learning, insights, and experience
  • Accountability established on next course of actions

Effective recruitment is about finding the person with the right fit fast. The above suggestion enables recruiters to understand the type of required profile effectively and crowdsource for ideas on where are the possible leads.

Happy hunting!

This article was first published in HRM Magazine December 2014 issue

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