Growing as HR Professionals

Growing as HR Professionals

A fellow HR practitioner asked an interesting question on how he should grow his HR career: “I am hoping to move from being a recruiter to a HR business partner (HRBP)...How I can go about it? Is it a must to start as a specialist to be able to move to an HR business partner role?

HR business partnering is indeed an exciting role to be in and there are indeed different pathways in getting there. Of course one can have a better head start if he/she were to be given a chance to be part of the HRBP team from the very beginning. Another way in reaching to a HRBP position is to try to land yourself in an HR organisation where there is ample opportunity to grow; this allows you to have high visibility. Personally, in my first two years of my HR career, I was in the healthcare industry working on learning and development initiatives. I went on to join American Express as an HR Shared Service team member. Both were HR specialist tracks. After about a year in HR Operations, I had a breakthrough when the HRBP team needed support personnel. I tried to learn and emulate as much as possible and eventually became an HRBP.

Do your best in whichever career pathway you are on. It takes time to gain mastery in whichever career pathway you choose. Throughout your career, it is not just about the impactful HR work that you will produce, but also the credibility you will either gain or lose. When you are truly committed to our HR profession, your good name will spread. Vice verses. Chant this like a mantra. Be really great in what you do. Over time, your performance and potential will be known and decision makers may wonder 'why not'.

Stay curious, stay hungry.

This posting was first published in HRM Magazine July 2015 issue.

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