Best Workshop For HR Business Partner On Effective HR Business Partnering

If you were to choose one workshop that will aid you in becoming a more effective HR Business Partner, what would it be? The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) HR Leadership Academy workshop comes very close. I came to this conclusion after I completed this course a few days ago. Let me explain a little more why is this so.

Workshop Overview

80% of HR teams are not prepared to deliver against the expectations of a strategic HR Business Partner...CEB's HR Leadership Academy develops the key leadership skills necessary to transform HR business partners from reactive process-experts to strategic, consultative business partners. The comprehensive programs are centered around three, 2-day classroom sessions during which participants develop core business partnering skills in an HR-specific context. Using a curriculum based on input from hundreds of CHROs and senior HR executives, CEB HR Leadership Academy's ongoing learning experience helps participants apply newly learned skills to real-world HR projects, ensuring visible impact on individual and organisational initiatives.”

Source: CEB HR Leadership Academy

Curriculum And My Key Takeaways

The whole workshop revolves around three inter-connected themes:

  1. Build an Analytical Foundation (1st session) is where we got to learn how to build the business narratives in pushing the business HR agenda forward effectively.  A highly experienced facilitator walked us through proven methodologies in identifying and diagnosing pressing business challenges in order to gain insights and aid in decision-making. The main takeaway for me with this session was not just about learning the available tools in building business narratives. More importantly, the assigned facilitator was able to push me to think differently on the value that HR Business Partners bring to the business units I serve. This takeaway is critical, as it set the tone and purpose of the next two sessions.
  2. Improve Financial Acumen (2nd session) is where we got to build the economics of HR business cases by appreciating the overall financial health of an organisation, financial metrics and calculating the financial impact of HR decisions. Prior to attending this session, I was under the impression that this would be one of those sessions that is dry but necessary. To my surprise, through the financial game simulation that we did, I had more fun than I ever thought possible when it comes to topics such as financial statements or financial metrics. More than just fun, the teaching on how to build the economics of HR business cases was structured, proven, and yet simple. What more can you ask for when it comes to learning about financial acumen?
  3. Obtain Stakeholder Commitment (3rd session) is where we got to learn how to structure the HR agenda to present effective business cases that drives stakeholders' action commitments. In addition, we also learnt how to tailor communication methods and effectively overcome possible stakeholders' objections. No doubt this is yet another fun session, as we got to synthesise what we had learnt in the previous two sessions and pitch to "senior management".

3 Reasons Why I love This Workshop

  1. Expert-led: CEB had allocated three subject-matter experts to facilitate these three sessions. Not only does this arrangement allows the most knowledgeable and experienced facilitator to teach in each session, the insights gained from them encourages us to have a paradigm shift on the value HR Business Partners can bring to the businesses we serve.
  2. Diverse yet similar participants: All participants are currently serving as HR Business Partners and come from different industries and across Asia. I highly value this class make-up, as I was able to gain a lot through the rich exchanges of ideas and perspectives.
  3. 3-session workshop: The structuring of the workshop into three 2-day classroom sessions gives participants needed time to reflect upon the insights and methodology presented. Another benefit from this structure is that participants are not out-of-office for too long a period of time, limiting the loads of email "backlog" to clear.

In a nutshell

By now, you would have sensed how much love I am giving to this workshop. Not only is the workshop content of high practical value and is backed by research rigor, the way the workshop is facilitated gives that extra oomph which makes all the difference. CEB HR Leadership Academy is indeed the best workshop for HR Business Partners who want to be part of the game, and not just keeping scores.

Here is the link to find out more about CEB HR Leadership Academy

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