Switching Jobs? Starting with a New Company? - What to Do in Your First 30 Days

Switching Jobs? Starting with a New Company? - What to Do in Your First 30 Days

Everyone would have most likely experienced this in their career.

You may have resigned and in the midst of changing jobs. You have accepted a new offer and will be starting in a new company soon. Starting in a new role or company can be a daunting experience, especially for those doing it for the 1st time in their career.

First of all, I like to credit Jim Collins, Author of the International Best Seller - First 90 Days where I learned heaps from.

This article seeks to put together some good thoughts from his teachings + my personal sharing on what are the 3 most useful suggestions on 'What to Do in Your First 30 Days'.

So, what are we waiting for? Let's go in 1-2-3:


1. "Don't Do Any Work"

This may sound incredulous, but if you are new to a company, role or working environment, spend at least your first two - four weeks "not doing any work".

Instead, spend it on getting to know people, ways of working and find mentors.

Operate with humility and also introduce a fresh breath of your own. And of course, trust yourself and your professional experience and expertise! You bring in new blood and new thinking, so make sure they also notice that! Make a difference!

2. Don't Be Seen as a Fixer, Be There for the Long Haul

When operating in a new company or role, most people tend to fall into an action imperative trap. They are keen to take actions quickly to self-validate their worth and prove their mettle. People tend to do this because they lack confidence.

Don't be seen a Fixer in the beginning. You are not 100% familiar with the company, role and ways of working yet. Don't get scatter all around by action imperatives.

Focus on the wildly important, read the annual report to understand how the company makes money, speak to colleagues to understand and focus on the important long term business imperatives.

3. Passion with a Detachment

The reality is any excitement that arises from a new job will quickly diminished as time passes by. This is perfectly normal.

Setbacks will happen after the initial 30 days honeymoon. Go to the "balcony" when emotional, look far ahead and ask if this matters in 10 years time.

A little self-reassurance goes a long way and learn to have passion with a detachment. Be passionate about what you do but be able to detach from work because the most important thing in life are your family and friends.

This way, you will come to term with the end of your honeymoon and the beginning of your journey ahead as you settle down in your new role and company.


I hope this short article got you thinking about what to consider when embarking in a new role and company. No matter what tips or direction you eventually decide to take, remember...

'It is not in the still calm of life that great characters are formed. So embrace challenges and develop resilience. Life is not meant to be easy.. but take heart that it can be delightful.

With that, I wish you the very best in the career changes that you may have, if and when you choose to switch jobs or start in a new company.

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