4 Signs Employment Has Changed Forever & What You Can Do To Adapt

4 Signs Employment Has Changed Forever & What You Can Do To Adapt

Virtual Offices

In February 2013 Marissa Mayer went against the current when she asked her Yahoo! employees to work from the offices instead of from remote locations or homes. As the world keenly watched to see if this would turn Yahoo!’s failing fortune around, Yahoo! employees’ productivity did not necessarily rocket in to space. At least we missed to see it. 

Distance is dying, It is time we embraced the virtual offices. Do it like these trendsetters. Forbes recently published the top 100 companies that offer remote jobs, it is mainly US companies, but you would be surprised to see that many industry leaders appear there.

Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce.

This topic has been done to death, but just a reminder here – Millennials are not all that different. They are just as smart and as productive as any other generation were, when they were still young and restless. But, they do demand the new. Traditional contracts, Outdated career progression programs wont help retain this talent. But of course, this is on the assumption that you are interested in retaining the millennial talent. Being one of the older millennials, I agree wearen’t exactly cute puppies you shower with love.

According to this Fortune Article based on a highly regarded PWC report, the wishlist of this smart set of people is exactly the same as what Daniel Pink has been shouting from the rooftops as early as 2008. Flexibility. Growth (Mastery). Sense of Purpose. It is time to re-think our incentive models and stare longer at the top of Maslow’s pyramid – self actualization.

Flexi working. Flexi is the new black.

9-5 jobs make total sense for factories, but for the average non factory worker it is plain inconvenient. For one thing, why would employers pay people to sit/stand through rush hour traffic and come to office in grumpy moods. If the work environment is even remotely cognitive, you expect the employees to be at their productive, creative, analytical best. Not a single research report said people are at their best between 9am and 5pm. Employers can only gain by flexing the rigid office timings.

If you stop to think for a moment, it is highly likely that what is stopping companies from going flexi might just be their stone age HR policies that was adopted from a different context and expectations that were set as a result of following these policies for decades. Is it time to make a change, especially when EVERYTHING else has changed?

Volatile economy. Enough Said!

More Companies are putting end dates to employment contracts and who can blame them. Companies who hire on contracts are not bad people, they are just adapting themselves to the ever moody economy. Instead of paying out hefty redundancy packages or having the difficult conversations with their talents with no good reason to give why they are being let go, a contract with an end date is an easy way out.

The economy will continue its cycles of boom and break down. Companies and employees have to keep adapting to this massive phenomenon. Fixed end, short term, consultancy contracts are all here to stay, so it is a good idea to wake up and smell the coffee and make provisions in our support offices to accommodate this need.

Bringing it all together.

Organizations that are in sync with the Volatile Uncertain Complex and Ambiguous economic & business environment make incremental changes overall to stay relevant to their customers as well as their employees. Just as any products and services undergo updates and changes, HR practices should be reviewed and re-hauled if necessary. Otherwise our best people would walk out of the door leaving the company with people who do not like change making products that are not relevant to the ever changing customer tastes.

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— Hope K.
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