Officer Judy Hopps Guide to being a Successful Underdog

The big animal on campus always hogs the attention but that doesn’t mean they’re the only ones that can get ahead. Just take a look at Judy Hopps – she overcame low expectations and landed a job at the Zootopia Police Department that many claimed was too big for a bunny like her. Here’s a guide on how you can fur-fill your dreams just like Judy.

Find a tall chair from which to stand on.

Remember to set your sights on a cause larger than yourself—something that gives you purpose and challenges you to be bold. For Judy, she knew she could become the first bunny cop in Zootopia. It wasn’t a smooth journey, but Judy took small steps evey day to eventually attain her gargantuan dream!

Use your talents to your advantage.

Go to places and do jobs your colleagues wouldn’t normally take on. Judy is the smallest cop in the force – this allowed her to chase down crooks in Little Rodentia. Harness your unique set of talents and traits, and you’ll soon discover that your spirit can be much bigger than you think!

Find strength in numbers. 

You won’t get far working all alone. Find yourself a pack and work together to achieve shared goals. Judy found important allies along the way. Knowing the right people and having a supportive squad makes you more influential and powerful.

Your grit must be immense.Being an underdog, you must be doubly courageous and resolute. Persistence and hard work will often prevail over size and strength in the long run.

Anyone can be anything.

Whether you’re a pop star in the limelight or a carrot farmer from Bunnyburrow, you’ll always find ways to become larger-than-life when you put your heart and mind to it.

Go forth and hop your way to the top! 

Catch Judy Hopps in action as Zootopia’s first ever bunny cop, in cinemas now.

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