Recruiting 101 For An External Recruiter

Recruiting 101 For An External Recruiter

If you have searched on how to be a good recruiter, most websites will tell you that it is a sales oriented job, requiring a good amount of business development which needs recruiters to chase after leads to close the role. 

Having been in both internal and external recruitment, I would not disagree with this, which most recruitment managers would have also instilled into their consultants as a mantra. However, in my opinion, with the influx of recruitment agencies in Asia, the “touch and go” business development model might not work for long. 


I have received calls from recruitment agents who are from good reputable consultancies, who claim to be specialised in their fields. However, within 3 minutes  of the conversation, I would know if one is a specialist or not. E-commerce is a young industry. Before you pick up the phone and decide to create a relationship with the HR business partner or manager, do your homework. I’ve once had an agent asking me where our retail shops were.
Your knowledge about the organisation does not have to be very deep initially. The initial conversation is going to be a quick one so, you still have time to read up. 
Do ensure that you have done your homework on the industry, the organisation and the person you meeting before the initial meeting. 


Recruiters should stop calling the human resources department and expect a job to land on their laps for them to work on. The Asian business model focuses on relationship building. If I don’t know you, I don’t have to work with you, regardless of the  organisation you are from.. I need to be comfortable in working with you and there must be a healthy working relationship.  
Meet, meet, MEET!

Get out of office, and introduce yourself. Make an impression! Stop sitting behind your desk and expecting others to give you sales. Most recruiters have a perception that if you approach the human resources department, the chances of getting rejected are much higher than approaching the hiring manager. Yes and No. It all depends on the way you do it. 
Do you think you are the only recruiter approaching the hiring manager? Are you sure if the human resources is not looking for more recruiters to help? 
Also, stop sending Linkedin messages. If recruiters can have the initiative to call my land line, you should be able to find me and speak to me. 


I cannot reiterate how important time is a factor in recruitment. You may have done your homework, impressed the HR or the hiring manager and landed the job. However, if you are going to sit on the job and not do anything, someone else is going to close that role. The HR has to answer to the hiring managers. The hiring managers want to close their roles. It’s a cycle of pressure that is passed down to the external recruiter. Do everything within your limits in the fastest time to get the right people to the hiring manager. That is your job! 


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