What will you do NOW as an HR people in this NOW World??

What will you do NOW as an HR people in this NOW World??

NOW, it’s a word that i think the proper one to describe the current situation, where the world is changing quickly and almost everything you wish to get is reachable very fast! 

Business Trend and competition is moving very fast, sometimes the speed is unpredictable. Customer has so much access to get something that they wish to have and it can be done immediately everywhere through their gadget, laptop or PC. 

This is the era of NOW world, where simplicity and speed are the 2 main factors for companies to growth, why simplicity? Customer surely love the simple process to get something that they need or want. And because it is simple, then the time consume to go through the process and get the things are quick! 

Back to an organization and your role as an HR People, what will you do to deal with the NOW World to support your Organization Growth?

Be a Great Partner with your Customers (Other Dept) and Stay Close!

In order to provide the most suitable people solution, it is very important for you as an HR to understand what is your business objective, situation, process and challenges. By having some of those information, you can easily capture their needs.

To understand that situation, is not a simply by asking them questions or one time meeting. but you need to be in their shoes, involve at their routine meeting (such as weekly, monthly,etc) interact more with the various people and get yourself updated with the external situation which has linked to your customer. By doing that, you know what you is customer situation position in the NOW World.

Think and work like a marketer with HR Flavour

As a partner, you must be very familiar how is your customer situation,you can even have the sense and predict what would be the challenges from your customer. 

Be continuously proactive to detect the people challenges (potential or existing) , quickly provide workable people solution for your customer, sell the ideas, get the buy in , execute it quickly, measure the impact, prepare the preventive action and seek feedback for improvement!

Marketer always hungry to expand their market, they typically well updated with the NOW situation and Dynamic.

Simplify process, and have the CAN DO Attitude!

Get Yourself Growth for Action

Don’t get stuck with daily operations, trivial things are always there for you! Get yourself updated with the recent trend, news, knowledge and business situation! Get your Growth Time everyday, such as reading the recent news, journal from various resources, join the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), Meet and Discuss with your Rock Star (Idol), etc. Believe it or not, by spending time for yourself Growth, it will trigger you to create a new idea for your Action to deal with the NOW World! 

Prepare your Future Work

Build your employee not only to deal with the current situation, but prepare their quality to deal with the Future Work! Design plan not only for the short term (Quick Win 6-12 months), build the long term one (5 years people development plan) review it every year and adjust accordingly. 

Attract Impactful Employee not the Loyal one

In NOW World, your talent can be assessed easily and quickly by your competitor, deal for transfer can be done across the countries within minutes, everything is fast to loose your talent! high quality employee will always be the target for many companies, because they see the talent can bring IMPACT. don't buy their loyalty, buy their Ideas and their ability to translate Idea into Action with Impact.

Once you have attracted that Impactful Employee, put 1 until 3 peopleas the co-partner, this is to prepare the talent pipeline, once the employee is leaving, the organization will have the back up performers. 

Welcome to the NOW World! Let’s Grow Together HR in ASIA and Happy New Year 2016!

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