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A book blog is an augmentation of 3 concepts: Blogging, community, and book structure. In this book blog, you find a curation of specific blog entries, written by Thrive In Asia (TiA) community members, who are HR professionals, and organised in a book format to enable reading ease and familiarity.

Blog entries are organised in three main sections. In section 1 on Deciding on a HR Career, we examine the various HR career pathways an aspiring HR professional or student may consider, and why HR is a great professional field to be in. In section 2 on Maximising Your Career, we offer useful tips and insights for HR professionals on how one can navigate well to become a successful HR professionals. In section 3 on Leading as a HR leader, we offer HR leaders insights and considerations on leading a HR function. Lastly, we wrap up this book blog with a map of related Resources that are great follow up materials to our articles. 

This book blog will always be a work-in-progress as we will add more quality and relevant content, with the hope that it would give you good actionable perspectives that will add impact to your HR career, to our HR profession.

Yours sincerely, TiA Founders

Bambang Yapri, Ben Whitter, Benny Rachmadin, Cathy Hung, Christina Ambarwati, Foo Chek Wee, Laurence Smith, Manikandan Gurumurthy, Monir Azzouzi, and Ong Chuon Yan

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Deciding on a HR Career

Maximising Your HR Career

Leading as a HR Leader

External Resources

Following community led effort to list out relevant external resources on having a successful HR career. Simply click on the + plus sign to add your suggestions. To ensure quality submission, your suggestions will be sent to our community administrator for approval before it gets posted below. 

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