About Thrive in Asia

Thrive in Asia inaugural gathering

Thrive in Asia (TiA in short) is a non-profit Pan-Asian HR community to enable HR professionals to learn from one another, and scale HR practice standards to greater heights. 

The Problem

HR professionals in Asia needs an avenue where we can learn and develop contextualised, yet progressive, HR practice. Being highly diverse in demographics and in differing stages of economic progress and maturity, Asia poses a difficult challenge for HR professionals across Asia to come together to learn from one another.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to enable an environment for HR professionals to develop their HR careers.

Our Mission

Encourage members to write quality HR articles

Engage members in healthy and enriching discussions on HR-related issues, both online (LinkedIn Group) and offline (TiA Gatherings)

Support members' HR careers by sharing good HR opportunities, and facilitating for members to learn from one another (e.g. coaching, mentoring & talks)

Thrive in Asia Writings

We Write

Our TiA magazine features all our Community Members' content on the topics that are relevant to us as HR professionals and students. Substance over form. No information clutter that dilute content value. Just good HR writings from fellow HR practitioners.


We Engage Offline

Volunteer TiA Community Leaders organise TiA Gatherings via our Thrive In Asia LinkedIn Group for TiA community members to connect meaningfully. Only one rule during such events: TiA Community Members, Leaders & Founders are NOT allowed to sell or advertise services or products that benefit themselves or their companies commercially. With this rule, our TiA Community Members can feel safe and candid whilst interacting with one another meaningfully. 

Upcoming event announcement is made via our Thrive In Asia LinkedIn Group. Do sign up in our LinkedIn Group to be a member and to be informed. 

We Engage Online

Thrive In Asia LinkedIn Group is the platform where TiA Community Members engages one another. It is also a means for HR professionals to sign up as a TiA Community Member. Via this LinkedIn group, community members get to share good HR content,  engage one another in a single communication channel, to notify upcoming TiA gatherings, to allow members to learn about fellow members' HR careers and credentials via their LinkedIn profiles.

Our Structure

The following structure enables simplicity in explaining to potential members and partners, scalability in having our TiA movement happening across Asia, and sustainability in achieving our TiA purpose and mission. 

Our Milestones

TiA Membership FAQ

Q1. Is this really free?

Thrive in Asia (TiA in short) is a pan-Asian non-profit HR community. TiA Founders have committed that TiA stays non-profit forever.

Q2. What are the obligations of a TiA Community Member?

TiA Community Members have a single purpose: To develop ourselves as HR professionals, to value add to the organisations we serve. As TiA Community Members, we ask that you engage and learn with fellow members, and have fun doing so! :)

Q3. I am a vendor. Can I join as TiA Community Member?

Yes. TiA is catered exclusively for HR professionals, and for HR service providers with prior in-house HR experiences. We have one rule to ensure that TiA is a condusive environment for members to learn and develop themselves: TiA Community Members and Leaders are NOT allowed to leverage on TiA platform to gain commercially, either for themselves or for the companies they serve.

Q4. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Feel free to email about@thriveinasia.com to ask your questions. We be very glad to clarify. :)

Q5. How private is my data with TiA?

A HR professional is considered a TiA Community Member when he/she signs up as a member of our Thrive In Asia LinkedIn Group. As a result, there is no means for TiA Admin to have access to personal data since the authetication process is handled by LinkedIn directly. Regardless, we respect the privacy of our members and uphold this principle always.

Sign up as our TiA Community Member

We develop our profession by practising our craft (70%), interacting with fellow practitioners and sharing our thoughts (20%), & gaining knowledge (10%). Thrive in Asia (TiA) is a non-profit Pan-Asian HR community built to attend to the latter two HR career development avenues. This is achieved by TiA Community Members engaging one another via publication of our HR content on TiA Magazine, meet ups at TiA Gatherings, and online social engagement.

Calling for HR practitioners. Sign up as our TiA community member to uplift HR by practising & advocating great HR, now. Sign up is super simple. Simply request access to our Thrive In Asia LinkedIn Group.

YOU + us = Awesome!

Following two conditions to be a TiA Community Member

  1. You are either a HR professional who has prior or present in-house Human Resources experience.
  2. You ACCEPT that Thrive in Asia has the rights to terminate membership with Thrive in Asia, without notice, if TiA community members were to be found selling or advertising services or products, directly or indirectly, that will benefit themselves or their companies commercially.

Thrive In Asia Founding Team