Thrive In Asia HR Tech Map

Thrive In Asia HR Tech Map

There is an increasing number of startups providing tools and services to enable HR professionals work effectively and efficiently. With the growth of such offerings in the market, HR professionals find it hard to compare and identify the most suitable ones.

Following community led effort to map out these services and platforms via crowd-sourcing. Simply click on the + plus sign to add your suggested HR technology service provider. To ensure quality submission, kindly note that submissions will be sent to our community administrator for approval before it gets posted below. 

Together, lets enable great HR practice happens, in Asia! 

Yours sincerely, TiA Founders

Bambang Yapri, Ben Whitter, Benny Rachmadin, Cathy Hungg, Christina Ambarwati, Foo Chek Wee, Laurence Smith, Manikandan Gurumurthy, Monir Azzouzi, and Ong Chuon Yan

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