Thrive In Asia HR for Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Owners

Thrive In Asia HR for SME

Small Medium Enterprise business owners and managers face an ever increasing pressure to deliver value to customers, and the most sustainable competitive advantage SME can gain is by managing their workforce well. Simply put:

An Engaged Workforce = Great Products and Services = Happy Customers = Increased Revenue!!!

Following a TiA community led effort to list out great HR tips, how-to, videos and insights that are simple in concept and execution. We hope you would find this resource useful. Together, lets enable great HR practice happens, in Asia! 

Yours sincerely, TiA Founders

Bambang Yapri, Ben Whitter, Benny Rachmadin, Cathy Hung, Christina Ambarwati, Foo Chek Wee, Laurence Smith, Manikandan Gurumurthy, Monir Azzouzi, and Ong Chuon Yan

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