All in Singapore

Informal TiA gathering in Singapore

We organised an informal gathering for fellow members to connect and chat the night away. It was an engaging session where we talked about the current reality in the support network available in Singapore for HR professionals, how we can organise future in-personal sharing of our practice, and how we can form up modern virtual learning circle that meets online to share our perspectives base on common materials we had read. Overall a meaningful session.   

Members Informal Meetup

The strength of a community lies in our members' activate participation. On 4th March 2017, we initiated an informal gathering with fellow TiA community members. An afternoon of chatting and sharing. More informal gatherings to come for fellow community members!

Brunch at Marche

On 26th November 2016, we organised an informal brunch at Marche 313 Somerset. This event was organised using the Events feature made available via our TiA Workplace by Facebook app. An excellent example on how community members and leaders can self-initiate and organise events easily. We hope that more TiA Community Leaders and Members would feel free to start organising meaningful events for fellow members to connect and grow together.