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"I do not yet know of a man who became a leader as a result of having undergone a leadership course." - Lee Kuan Yew

TiA is established with the purpose to inspire the HR profession across Asia. We do so by 1) Sharing knowledge among HR practitioners in Asia, 2) Engaging our community members via online and offline platforms, and 3) Supporting the career development of our community members. 

A TiA Community Leader (CL) is defined as a TiA Community Member who contributes notable service to the TiA Community, and has been promoting the TiA cause. Service include the following areas: Launching a TiA movement in an Asian country, providing Learning & Development opportunities for Community Members, organising Events, increasing TiA membership, and helping out in TiA publication & publicity. Our purpose can never be achieved with an individual's effort. It is the collective effort of TiA Community Leaders that will enable us to achieve greatness. 

Following FAQ and Signup form on being a TiA Community Leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are my obligations as a TiA Community Leader?

TiA Community Leaders are expected to advocate TiA and engage TiA Community Members. For example, you can advocate TiA by

  • Spreading the good words about what we do in TiA via social media or friends.
  • Sharing articles you read from TiA Magazine
  • Sharing your experience at our TiA gatherings
  • Sharing your experience and help answer members enquiry via our TiA LinkedIn Group

Q2. How do I engage TiA Community Members?

  • This can be by sharing, liking or commenting on the articles you had read from TiA magazine, submitting your articles to be published in our TiA magazine, helping out in TiA publication or publicity efforts.
  • This can by engaging our community members via online and offline platforms. Via online, it can be about active participation on our TiA Workplace platform. Via offline, it can be about organising TiA gatherings in your locality.
  • This can also be by supporting career development of our community members. This can be about giving advice or mentorship to junior TiA Community Members, or enabling learning or career opportunities for TiA Community Members.

Q3. Is there an end or expiry date being a TiA Community Leader?

There is no official end or expiry date being a TiA Community Leader. Having said this, a TiA Community Leader can notify TiA Founders if he/she were to choose to discontinue serving TiA community of any reason.

Q4. How do I sign up?

Simply fill up the following form and our admin will reach out to you soonest possible. Kindly note that you have to be a TiA Community Member first before signing up to be our TiA Community Leader. To be a TiA Community Member is super easy, simply join our Thrive In Asia LinkedIn Group and thats it!

Q5. Who to write to if I have more questions?

Feel free to email us at

Our TiA Community Leaders

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